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Deputy Director Cai Lifeng of Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau and His Delegation Visited AUX


On the morning of July 7, Cai Lifeng, a member of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau, led a delegation to visit and conduct research at AUX. Zheng Jianjiang, Chairman of AUX Group, and other relevant officials, including CEO Li Jian, accompanied the delegation.

Deputy Director Cai Lifeng and his delegation visited the exhibition hall of AUX Group, where they gained a detailed understanding of AUX's 37-year development history. They highly appreciated the achievements of AUX in various industries as well as its corporate management philosophy.


(Visiting the exhibition hall of AUX Group)

Deputy Director Cai Lifeng stated that the public security authorities always adhere to the concept of supporting and facilitating development. They will safeguard and promote the healthy development of the private economy in accordance with the law, accurately combat intellectual property crimes such as infringement and counterfeiting and commercial espionage that hinder enterprise development. They aim to create a safer and more stable social environment, a fair and just rule of law environment, and a higher-quality and more efficient service environment.

After the visit, in the presence of Deputy Director Cai Lifeng and Chairman Zheng Jianjiang, the Company presented a banner embroidered with the words "Guardian of Anti-counterfeiting and Rights Protection, Pioneer of Enterprise Support" to the Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau. The gesture was a sincere expression of gratitude for the efforts and contributions made by the Ningbo Municipal Public Security Bureau in assisting enterprises in combating counterfeiting, ensuring fair law enforcement, and providing high-quality regulatory services for the benefit of the people.

  6382434825944724274178870.jpg  (Taking a group photo to commemorate the presentation of the banner)


In the future, AUX will continue to promote technological innovation and provide consumers with even better products and services. At the same time, AUX will continue to firmly crack down on any behavior that threatens consumer rights, providing consumers with a more secure shopping environment and better life experiences. AUX will actively contribute to maintaining a healthy development of the industry.

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