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Ningbo Development and Reform Commission Director He Guoqiang Visited AUX for Research Purposes


On August 11, He Guoqiang, Director and Party Secretary of Ningbo Development and Reform Commission, Gao Haijun, Deputy Director and Party Committee Member of Ningbo Development and Reform Commission, Wang Jiayi, the Standing Committee Member of CPC Yinzhou District Committee and Secretary of CPC Jiangshan Town Committee, and Chen Jian'en, Deputy Governer of Yinzhou District, visited AUX for research. Zheng Jianjiang, Chairman of AUX Group, Li Jian, CEO of AUX Group, and others accompanied the visit and held discussions.

    Director He Guoqiang and his delegation first visited the AUX Group exhibition hall, where they gained a detailed understanding of the development process, industrial layout, and latest achievements in intelligent manufacturing of AUX Group. During the visit, Director He Guoqiang fully affirmed AUX's corporate development philosophy and highly praised AUX as a leading home appliance enterprise for its contribution to the industry's development.

During the symposium, both parties discussed and exchanged ideas on how local private enterprises can maintain high-quality development.


(Discussion and exchange)

Director He Guoqiang expressed that AUX has always focused on product development with its unique perspective, emphasizing innovation and adhering to the "internationalization strategy". AUX has been contributing to the development of the private economy and the economic growth of Ningbo. Ningbo Development and Reform Commission will continue to increase its support for the development of local private enterprises, promoting their sustained and healthy growth.

Chairman Zheng Jianjiang warmly welcomed the arrival of Director He Guoqiang and his delegation, expressing that the continuous development of AUX Group relies on the care, assistance, and support from various levels of government and functional departments. The Company will continue to enhance its internal capabilities in automation, digitization, process standardization, and quality and technology innovation. AUX Group will remain true to its original intention, forge ahead, and make due contributions to the high-quality development of Ningbo's economy.


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