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Focus | Chairman Zheng Jianjiang Visits Chairman Qian Zhimin of State Power Investment Corporation


On August 15, Zheng Jianjiang, Chairman of AUX Group, visited State Power Investment Corporation Limited (referred to as "State Power Investment") for a research and communication purpose. Qian Zhimin, Secretary of the Party Group and Chairman of State Power Investment, warmly welcomed and held discussions with Zheng Jianjiang.

6382777178944189828450466.png Discussion and communication


Chairman Qian Zhimin welcomed the visit of Chairman Zheng Jianjiang and introduced the development of State Power Investment in emerging industries such as integrated smart zero-carbon power plants. He expressed that State Power Investment is committed to building a world-class clean energy enterprise and has certain development advantages in the fields of clean energy and emerging industries. He expressed the hope to establish a regular communication mechanism with AUX Group, and deepen cooperation in areas such as technological research and development, household energy storage, green energy substitution, low-carbon services, new energy project development, and international development. He wished both parties to promote the implementation of a batch of innovative demonstration projects and contribute to China's "30-60" goal.

    Chairman Zheng Jianjiang introduced the development of AUX Group in technological research and development as well as various industries. He expressed gratitude for the strong support that State Power Investment has provided over the years. He stated that AUX has always adhered to the development path of "focusing on the main business and moderately diversifying" and has achieved remarkable results in independent technological innovation and product promotion and application. He hopes to further strengthen cooperation with State Power Investment in areas such as technological research and development, new energy project development and construction, green power and certificate trading, integrated smart energy project construction, and international development. He aims for complementary advantages, mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, and common development, in order to promote China's sustainable economic development and early achievement of carbon neutrality goals.


Representatives from State Power Investment's Development Department, International Department, Innovation Department, Marketing Center, Smart Energy Investment (Carbon Asset Management Company), Smart Energy, China Power, and Zhejiang Company attended the meeting. Representatives from AUX Group, including CEO Li Jian and Executive Vice President Huang Longfei, also participated in the discussion.


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