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Ningbo Municipal Finance Bureau and Municipal Government Procurement Center Visited AUX for Exchange


On August 24, leaders from Ningbo Municipal Finance Bureau, Ningbo Municipal Government Procurement Center, and relevant departments of various districts and counties visited AUX Group for exchange. Li Jian, CEO of AUX Group and other relevant executives accompanied the visit and held discussions.


(Visiting the factory)

The visiting delegation toured the AUX Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition Hall, where they gained a comprehensive understanding of AUX's 37-year development history and the achievements made in various industrial sectors. They then proceeded to visit the intelligent production workshop, where they had a close look at the "Dark Factory" and obtained a full understanding of the operation of AUX's highly automated production lines and intelligent manufacturing equipment.



(Exchange and discussion)


During the exchange and discussion meeting, CEO Li Jian warmly welcomed the arrival of the visiting delegation and expressed that as a local enterprise in Ningbo, AUX Group greatly relies on the care and support from various levels of government and departments in Ningbo. The Company will always prioritize serving consumers and put their needs first. We will provide high-quality products and services, and continue to contribute to the high-quality development of Ningbo's economy.


(Dismantling demonstration)

In the subsequent exchange and discussion session, a live demonstration of dismantling a household air conditioning product was conducted. The product showcased high standards and high-quality from the inside out, receiving unanimous recognition from the attendees.

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