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AUX Group Won 1 Gold and 2 Silver Medals at the 2nd Ningbo Patent Innovation Competition


Recently, the results of the 2 nd  Ningbo Patent Innovation Competition hosted by the Ningbo Market Supervision Administration   Bureau  have been announced. After multiple rounds of selection, AUX Group's patent for "Split Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner (U_F_YW04)"  stood out among numerous patents, winning the gold medal in the competition for appearance design. The patent for "Air Conditioning Frequency Control Method, Device, and Air Conditioner"  received the silver medal in the patent category. The patent for "Floor Standing Air Conditioner"  won the silver medal in the appearance design category of the competition.



The Ningbo Patent Innovation Competition aims to encourage invention and creation, stimulate innovation vitality, guide the transformation of scientific and technological innovation and patent achievements, promote the integration and development of innovation elements such as industry, university, research, knowledge, finance, and services , and drive high-quality economic development in Ningbo.

The winning patent "Air Conditioning Frequency Control Method, Device, and Air Conditioner" mainly solves the problems of loud noise, poor output, and high energy consumption in traditional frequency conversion air conditioning control . By reducing temperature fluctuations during use, the patent achieves noise reduction while also ensuring comfort and achieving good energy-saving effects.

The winning patent "Split Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner (U_F_YW04)" primarily addresses the issues of limited air supply range, poor air control effect, difficulty in delivering hot air to the ground, and insufficient distance covered by cold air in traditional air conditioners . Five industry firsts have been established: hinge rotor with large guide, dual vector air outlet with internal and external guide, furry fabric textured panel, combined matte and glossy plating process and laser-engraved skin texture stitching . These five innovations have shaped the unique brand DNA of AUX.

AUX has always adhered to the corporate development philosophy of "Quality as the cornerstone, and innovation as the soul". As of now, AUX has accumulated more than 18,067 patent applications. In the future, AUX will inject more connotation and momentum into the Company with its technological strength and abundant achievements, contributing to building China into a strong nation in terms of intellectual property rights!


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