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Good News | AUX Proudly Ranks 116th in China Top 500 Private Enterprises


On September 13, the Ningbo Private Economy High-Quality Development Conference and the 70  th   Anniversary Celebration of the Establishment of the Ningbo Federation of Industry and Commerce were held at the municipal administrative conference center. The conference announced the list of Ningbo-based companies that  were included     in   the "2023 China Top 500 Private Enterprises" and the "2023 China Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprises"   It also recognized and awarded the winning companies. Li Weiqing, Executive Vice President of AUX Group, attended the meeting.


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As one of the representative private enterprises contributing to the rapid economic development of Ningbo, AUX has consistently adhered to digitalization, internationalization, and intelligent transformation. Leveraging next-generation information technologies such as the internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, AUX has continuously honed its internal capabilities in automation, process standardization, and quality technology innovation. This has led to ongoing improvements in service quality and the strengthening of the Company's core competitiveness.

With a revenue of RMB81 billion   AUX Group is ranked 116  th   among China's Top 500 Private Enterprises and 75  th   among China's Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprises.



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