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AUX Compressor Project Listed into Major Kickoff Projects of Anhui Province


On January 2, 2024, the Wuhu sub-venue activities of the kickoff mobilization meeting for the first batch of major projects in Anhui Province was held at the site of the AUX Intelligent Air Conditioning Compressor Production Construction Project. Ning Bo, Secretary of CPC Wuhu Municipal Committee, announced the start of the first batch of major projects in the city for 2024. Xu Zhi, Deputy Secretary of CPC Wuhu Municipal Committee and Mayor, delivered a speech. Li Jian, Executive President of AUX Group, and other relevant officials attended the event.


(Site of the event)

Mayor Xu Zhi pointed out in his speech that at all levels and departments, we should take greater responsibility for projects and investments, and plan projects with a more forward-looking mindset. We should provide high-quality, convenient, and efficient full-process management services, and make every effort to promote early construction, early production, and early inclusion in statistics of projects.

The AUX project with an annual production of 30 million intelligent air conditioning compressors and a total investment of about RMB5 billion, is expected to be completed and put into production in March 2025. After reaching full production, it will generate an annual revenue of over RMB 6billion and create 3,000 direct job opportunities. The project, from land acquisition to commencement, took only 16 days, fully demonstrating the "AUX speed".

AUX will always adhere to its globalization strategy, based on its local foundation, and further expand its presence both domestically and internationally. It will focus on business operations, centering around key development factors such as location advantages, industrial chain support, operational costs, and convenient transportation. AUX will consolidate its roots in Ningbo while expanding its global footprint.

In 2024, AUX will continue to deepen its presence in domestic and international markets. It plans to build an additional 12 production bases and sales companies, forming a global industrial chain matrix. This will inject new vitality into AUX's global strategy process.

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