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Electrical Equipment

Electrical Equipment

Solution provider of intelligent power distribution and consumption

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Electrical Equipment

electric equipment

Electric Equipment is the cradle sector of AUX Group. As an integrated solution provider of intelligent power distribution and consumption, the branch Sanxing Medical Electric (601567.SH) supplies intelligent meters, transformers, box-type substations, switchgears, charging piles, PV inverters, etc.

It has manufacturing bases in Ningbo, Brazil, Indonesia and Poland, also R&D centers in Ningbo, Hangzhou and Shenzhen and the mature marketing channel and strategic cooperation projects in more than 70 countries and regions.

Focusing on the "14th Five-Year" plan, AUX Electric conforms to the development trend of new energy, and has become the main supplier of China's five major power generation groups relying on its top–notch and reliable products and services.

AUX Electric will deepen the smart grid industrial chain, focus on smart power consumption and power distribution, vigorously explore the field of new energy, speed up industrial upgrading, and devote itself to becoming an excellent partner for global power customers in the integrated value chain.

Electrical Equipment
  • Intelligent power consumption

  • S34U18 Three _phase Smart Meter

    S34U18 Three _phase Smart Meter

    The meter for commercial, industrial and residential customers. Communication capabilities over GPRS/3G/4G,RF,NB-IoT/LTE-M, Optical, RS485, the meters are aimed to be used for AMI/AMR/AMM and smart grids.
  • SX5D1_AEOT_14 Smart Data Concentrator

    SX5D1_AEOT_14 Smart Data Concentrator

    Sanxing concentrator is a smart concentrator for smart meter and AMI system. The basic function of data concentrator is to collect data, including profile data and event, from meter and deliver the data to master station. The data can also be store in data concentrator for later requested by master station.
  • Three phase Oil_immersed Transformer

    Three phase Oil_immersed Transformer

    Three-phase Oil-immersed transformer adopts high quality silicon steel sheet iron core, or amorphous metal core,which have high mechanical strength, high anti short circuit ability, low loss and low noise. This series of transformers are widely used in all kinds of residential area, commercial buildings, communal facilities, industrial and mining enterprises, electricity generation enterprises and grid network in urban and rural areas.

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