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AUX Group's 2023 New Employee Training Program Successfully Concluded


Recently, AUX Group's 2023 "Leading the Era, Embracing Infinite Excellence" new employee training program was officially launched, with more than 500 recent graduates from universities across the country participating in this training.

At the opening ceremony, the executive team of the group extended a warm welcome to the new employees of the 2023 cohort and expressed high expectations for everyone. Subsequently, the person in charge of the training introduced the main schedule and arrangements for the training program, providing the participants with a basic understanding of the training.



(All classes collectively form AUX)


It is reported that the 2023 new employee training program was divided into two phases: military training and cultural development. The first phase of military training concluded on July 16, and the second phase of cultural development officially began on July 17.

Through military training and cultural development, the 2023 campus recruits were provided with a precise understanding of AUX Group's developmental journey, future direction, corporate culture, corporate values, rules and regulations. This helps them quickly acclimate to the group and the workplace environment, gaining a profound appreciation of the professional qualities and essential skills required to transition from students to members of AUX.



(All classes collectively form AUX)


In addition to this, activities such as quality development, knowledge competitions, class meetings, and cultural performances have also helped the new college graduates who have just joined the Company better integrate into the group, establish team connections, and enhance their teamwork and collaboration awareness. Achieving substantial personal growth on AUX's platform not only benefits the individuals but also provides valuable talent support for the Company's future development.

The brief yet fulfilling training has equipped the college graduates, and from now on, they set sail and head to their respective positions. On the journey of pursuing their dreams, they face challenges head-on, continuously surpass expectations, dare to explore, and on AUX's platform, they create their own brilliant lives!



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